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Electronic Access Control is a security system designed and put in place to give you control.

Control of who has access to what, and when. It also provides you with powerful reporting capabilities so you can know what is happening all the time at your property. Things like, who accessed my building last night? Did my employees lock the doors before they left work today?

If you terminate a worker you can remove their access credentials from your security system and know they can longer gain access. No more having to change all the locks and keys with employee turnover.

With recent improvements in technology you can have access to all these amazing features right from your mobile device. You can receive real-time notification from your security system so you always know what is going on.

Our Security System Services Include: Access Control Systems | Security Camera Surveillance Systems | Alarm Security Systems

If you would like to learn more about electronic access control, please Contact ARK Security and one of our knowledgeable security professionals would be happy to assist you.

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